Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for AndCover

AndCover is committed to protecting your privacy. We understand that you care about information about yourself collected on so we have created this policy document which answers many of the most frequently asked questions regarding our website’s practices with regard to personal details like name/real life identity(s), email address etc.


By using our website, you are agreeing to policies and terms of service that may differ from those presented in this statement

Information we collect

When we ask you for your personal information, it will be made clear to us why. The reasons may include security measures or tracking purposes so don’t worry!

We may also ask for your contact information, such as name and phone number in order to better serve you.

When you register for an Account, we may ask to collect your contact information including items such as name and company info.

We need this in order to make sure that our services are provided correctly; however it also helps us keep track of who is using them!

How we use your information

The information we collect is used to provide you with the best user experience possible. We use it in various ways, including:

  • creating a more personalized website;
  • expanding and improving features on our site so they fit your needs better than ever before-maybe even giving some of them away!

All this saves time (and money) when doing business as well as helping keep things running smoothly behind scenes by preventing fraudsters from taking advantage while also keeping up communication between team members at all levels throughout every department which means no lost customers due down wrong turns around corners waiting patiently until someone gets back.

Log Files

Log files are used by hosting companies to track visitor activity on their website. The information collected from these logs includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type and version number etc., but does not include any personally identifiable data like names or email address because it’s only statistical in nature – meaning there isn’t enough for an individual person to be identified through this info alone! This helps with understanding how people interact within your site as well as abilities others may have access too while visiting yours..

Cookies and Web Beacons

AndCover uses cookies to make your experience on our website more personal, and they’re also used for analytics so we can improve the way you browse.

A cookie is a small amount of data that’s stored by your browser when someone visits any web page—not just this one!

This means each time you come back after leaving (or another site), there will be some information about what kind/version showed up during those moments in order to help us tailor future pages made especially for you.

Google DoubleClick DART Cookie

We want you to be fully aware of the use and placement of third-party vendors on our site. For example, Google uses cookies as part of its advertising service which helps provide content suggestions or other ads related specifically for your visit here at Website Company Incorporated’s website–so please keep this in mind if declining their services! To learn more about how they operate go ahead and read through this privacy policy link below: –

Our Advertising Partners

Our site uses cookies and web beacons to deliver the best possible experience for our users. We also work with a number of advertising partners who may have different privacy policies that apply when working with user data, but we hyperlink their policy links below so you can easily access them!

Advertising Partners Privacy Policies

To make it easy for you to find the privacy policy of any advertising partner, simply consult this list.

Third-party ad servers use technologies like cookies to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and/or personalize what you see on websites. These third party advertisers may send direct requests for your IP address when this occurs, which is used by them in order to determine how well known an advertisement has appeared too!

It’s no secret that the internet is completely flooded with ads and pop-ups, but did you know these cookies are used by third party advertisers? AndCover has no control over them.

Third-Party Privacy Policies

AndCover Privacy Policy does not apply to other advertisers or websites. You should consult the respective privacy policies of these third-party ad servers for more detailed information about how they handle your data and whether it is possible to opt out of certain options.

Cookies are a way for websites to remember you and your preferences. You can choose whether or not they’re enabled through individual browser options, but the most up-to-date information on how these work will need an internet connection in order for it to be found at each company’s site!

CCPA Privacy Rights (Do Not Sell My Personal Information)

California consumers have a right to expect that the products they purchase will be safe and free of defects. The state’s CCPA gives them certain legal protections in this regard, including:

We would like to request that your company delete any personal data it has collected about consumers, including categories and specific pieces of information. If you refuse this request or take more than one month before responding then there will be consequences for both parties involved in the dispute- please contact us immediately so we can discuss them further over email!

GDPR Data Protection Rights

There are a number of rights that you have when it comes to your personal data. The right to erasure, restriction on processing and objecting all come with certain conditions which must be met before they can take effect in any given situation though so let’s break them down here together! First up is the concept known as “erasing” or ‘deletion’ – this allows us delete certain pieces from our stored information if requested by either yourself (sublicense) at times when there has been an unmet need for one particular piece but not others related solely through identity theft concerns; secondly…

We understand that you have a right to know what personal data we’re collecting about you and how it’s being used. We’ll provide access, correction opportunities for any mistakes in errors or omissions on your behalf- just let us know!

Parents children’s Information

We understand the importance of parents monitoring their child’s internet use. For this reason, we have added protection for children while they are browsing and encourage you to take part in or watch over them from time-to-time!

It is our goal to ensure that children under the age of 13 do not provide any Personal Identifiable Information about themselves. If you think your child submitted this kind or data on one of our websites, please contact us immediately and it will be removed from records promptly!